Miche McClendon Jewelry Gallery & Studio

My Inspiration Comes From The Sea

Miche McClendon received a BFA in metal smithing and jewelry from Old Dominion University in 2008, and has been creating fine art jewelry ever since. She casts, etches, carves, fabricates and forges her pieces using ancient techniques and styles. Most are one of a kind so there will never be anotherĀ like it.

She has always lived on or near the beach and draws her inspiration from the sea, forces of nature and the creatures we share our world with. The selkie, or seal-person, has long fascinated her and became her totem and emblem. A selkie is a seal that can remove it’s skin to take on human form on land, so it represents the duality of living in two different worlds. They represent the conscious mind in nature and a time when we were closer to the earth.

Miche lives in Laguna Beach, CA, on the Pacific Ocean, with her best friend, Darby the sheltie. If you are in the area, stop by Miche McClendon Gallery and Studio in downtown where all the pieces are made and displayed.